Creating Music for Tomorrow
Yamaha Music Education System

Encino Yamaha Music School

Where Playing Music is Fun and Smart

A team of researchers recently confirmed what Yamaha Music Education System (YMES) believed all along. Music lessons can enhance intelligence. In fact, the researchers said "Music education is crucial to all children".

Encino Yamaha Owner

The Yamaha Music Education System represents successful realization of the Yamaha Music Foundation's goal of promoting music globally and the Yamaha philosophy "music knows no national boundaries". Children all over the world are studying under the same Yamaha method, using the same text books, and following the same curriculum, ultimately creating a new international musical generation.

Teaching children

Yamaha has been teaching people around the world how to play music since 1954. Joyful activities teach basic musical skills and keyboard playing while encouraging independence, creativity and self-expression, becoming an integral part of your child's growth.

Piano Lesson

Many YMES students have grown up to become award-winning professional musicians. They are film and television composers, classical pianists and recording artists. Yamaha Music Courses are available exclusively at YMES, which operate under license arrangements with the Yamaha Music Foundation.

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